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Rough Side Of The Dial
on purple and white splatter 10" vinyl, CD and cassette. Exclaim Magazine is quoted as saying "Think early SNFU with maybe a pinch of RKL, among other old-school influences." Check out the article and a couple of preview tracks HERE

Check out a pretty great CD review on Page 68 of KrashCity Magazine Issue #11:

Was shown a whole lotta love by CJLO 1690AM out of Montreal this week (June 27, 2012). Have you ever heard your music played on an AM radio car stereo? It's amazingly nostalgic! Check out a story, interview and gig review HERE:

New CD, The Black And White Years, now available!
(December 2011)

The eighth Maximum RNR release compiles the entire recorded catalog from 2002 to 2010 plus six previously unreleased tracks onto one 26 track compact disc.
To order, Paypal $10 to maximumrnr@hotmail.com or mail a well concealed ten dollar bill to:

Maximum RNR
21 - 260 Adelaide St. East
Toronto, ON
M5A 1N1

New 7" now available!
(October 2010)
300 copies pressed on pink, blue or purple marble vinyl. 4 MRNR songs featuring Gymbo Jak on vocals. Full colour artwork by Toronto's Adam Swinbourne.
(See MEDIA page for details)

To order, Paypal $5 to maximumrnr@hotmail.com or mail a five dollar bill to:

Maximum RNR
21 - 260 Adelaide St. East
Toronto, ON
M5A 1N1

(December 2, 2010)

To be succinct, England was a fucking blast. The take home message is be careful what you wish for because you'll actually get it. Life's weird that way, isn't it?

Our dreaded shredder, Keith Carman, is still a little too discombobulated to have put together his traditional tour diary, so that'll have to wait until our next missive. In the meantime, a couple of observations:

-Amazingly, having an accent works to your advantage - once you convince the locals you're not American.

-Most punks and skins in England are 35+ (many pushing into their 50s) who still dress for distress and actually go to gigs. Compare that to the 25 and under North American fashion punk scene of homeless squeegee kids who spare change for a living and never have enough money to actually go to shows.

-We opened for the classic English punk band, Broken Bones (featuring members of Discharge and Conflict) in Birmingham and THEY asked US to exchange CDs because they liked our set. After the set, Davey Dee was asked by a former member of the Exploited why we didn't dress punk since we actually played punk music (see above.) You can't even make this shit up.

The bottom line is to dream - because that's where life is gonna take you.

Oh, and by the way, the new guys, Diamond Brent Panther on vocals and Davey Dee on bass are going to kick your fucking ass - be forewarned! They were a blast to be around and fit in perfectly. You'll see. Trust us.

No nukes!

(October 8, 2010)



Oct. 29 London - 12 Bar Club
Oct. 30 Northampton - The Bantam
Nov. 1 Birmingham - The Old Wharf
Nov. 2 Bristol - The Croft
Nov. 4 Coventry - The Kasbah
Nov. 5 Stoke on Trent - The Red Lion
Nov. 6 Birmingham - The Old Wharf
Nov. 6 Doncaster - The Leopard
Nov. 7 Manchester - Star and Garter

All dates with dragSTER

(As of October 8, 2010)

Hey stranger, how has your 2010 been? Ours has been eventful to say the least. Unfortunately those "events" have not been gigs!

We've played a total of 2 shows so far this year - the last one being in February. Unfortunately it was also the last MRNR show for both singer Gymbo Jak and bassist Mike Sydney. :(

That said, we were lucky enough to record some songs with those dudes and FINALLY get them pressed to 7" vinyl - only several months late. (See above for mailorder details.)

So, we've spent the better part of 2010 getting a new singer and bassist into the fold.

Welcome Diamond Brent Panther, former singer of Toronto-based band Detroit

And bassist Davey Dee, formerly of Toronto band, The Heatskores, seen HERE being harrassed by coppers (for no reason, mind you) during the G20 fuckery that went down in Toronto earlier this summer.

We had some Ontario shows booked to debut these 2 new guys, but then rhythm guitarist, Keith Mauronik, went and broke his barre chording index finger causing the cancellation of said dates. :/

Looks like the debut of the new lineup will be in London Fucking England, of all places! So, if you're in the 'hood, pop on by and pick up a new 7" so we can afford some bangers 'n' mash or bubble 'n' squeak or whatever the hell they eat in the motherland. :P

MRR Radio Plays the Maximum RNR/Electric Frankenstein split 7"
(April, 18, 2009)

MRR Radio is a one-hour weekly radio show that plays the best DIY punk rock from around the world.
This Week's MRR Radio Show:
Rotten and Hal play a Howlin' set of Hot Songs!
MRR Radio #1136 4/18/09
Hal - Newer-ish Stufff
PREGNANT - God is Nein
INOCULATORS - Replacement Home
SUBURBAN REBELS - Calles Peligrosas

Check the MRR Radio site and full playlist here.

(March 13, 2009)
Chartattack article here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 - Bovine Sex Club - Toronto, ON - with The Saigon Hookers
Chartattack article here.

NEW SPLIT 7" with Electric Frankenstein available now! (November 11, 2007)

Pressed in the Czech Republic on 43g green virgin vinyl. Limited to 500 copies worldwide. Maximum RNR side features "Turmoil" and previously unreleased "The Wheel" with full colour artwork by Montreal's Johnny Crap. Electric Frankenstein side features the never before available on vinyl, "Life In Rewind" with full colour artwork by Winnipeg's Merinuk.

Distributed in Canada by F>A>B or order direct from Maximum RNR by sending $5 cash to:

21 - 260 Adelaide St. East
Toronto, ON
M5A 1N1

Or hit up INTERPUNK.

(May, 19, 2007)

1) Have some fuckin' fun, asshole!

2) You learn something everyday.
(If you choose to pay attention.)

3) Don't beat yourself up.
(See Rule #1.)

4) Live for NOW.
(You never know when you will cease to exist.)

5) Is the glass half empty or half full?
(The choice is yours.)

EURO TOUR DIARY 2007 May 14, 2007
Once again, Keith Carman has boiled down a bewildering array of experiences into an entertaining overview of the madness that ensues on MRNR road trips. This time, on another continent. Hit up Chartattack for another fun read by KC.

THE FICTION - June 27, 2007 (the rambling bullshit part of our sporadic e-mail missives. To sign up, shoot an e-mail to maximumrnr@hotmail.com Don't use the signup below as we're moronics and can't figure out how to make it work. Really...)

It's always great to play with your heroes. Even if they don't actually see your set or they're so messed up on drugs that they can't play their own. Just getting that poster or ad with both band names is something to save and show the grandkids.

We got to play with Cheetah Chrome (ex Dead Boys) last weekend in London even though he needed an "understudy" to finish off singing the set for him. His backing band included dudes from Canadian punk rock icons The Demics and The Viletones with Steve Saint of The Sinisters singing when Cheetah could no longer.

We played with Three Inches of Blood on our first Western Canadian tour in 2002. Now, 3 of those dudes are in Pride Tiger. It'll be good to hook up with them again and hear some Thin Lizzy inspired rock 'n' roll.

And what about Care Failure of Die Mannequin?!? Is she even of legal age yet? I saw her singing "I Fought The Law" with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson (of Rush) on the Trailer Park Boys Movie DVD. Wow, how do you pull that off before you're 19 years old?

And then there's DOA (Canadian-bred punk rock godfathers) in July. They were the band to introduce me to NoMeansNo (who opened for Joey Shithead and crew at Dinwoodie Lounge in Edmonton) over 20 years ago!

We've got a pretty decent list of bands we've played with who we were total fans of before Maximum RNR even started. Gotta pay respect, because they've paved the way for little shits like us!

The Dwarves
New Bomb Turks
Electric Frankenstein
Reverend Horton Heat
The Candy Snatchers
The Casualties
The Ripcordz
Dayglo Abortions
The Dictators
Bob Log III
The Gadjits
Vulgar Deli
The Sinisters
Armed and Hammered
The Satanatras
Wednesday Night Heroes
Turbo ACs
The Raving Mojos
Demolition Doll Rods
Iron Giant
Million Dollar Marxists

Oh and you may have heard of these acts that we played with early on. Suffice it to say, there were no more than 100 people in the room for each of these gigs. Guess those days are over for these cats:

Bedouin Soundclash
Marianas Trench


(March, 16, 2007) The 'rentals were right. Dreams do come true. If a buncha reprobates like us can make it to Europe, you know your dreams are just as attainable. Our 14 year old selves would've never've believed it. We're believers now - even if this isn't exactly what the folks might've been thinking about. (Or maybe they were...)

Check the SHOWS page for more details.

(April 6, 2007) The movie, GREG AND GENTILLON, premieres tonite in Montreal and Hull, Quebec theatres.

The full length comedy/tragedy mockuments a couple of small town Quebecois dreamers moving to Toronto to make it "big" as stand-up comedians. The movie features cameos and music by Maximum RNR. We'll turn the mic over to Gentillon:

From: GREG & GENTILLON FANCLUB < mail@ggthemovie.com>
Subject: "Greg & Gentillon" hits theatres April 6th!

Allo there every one!

Our movie Greg et Gentillon is about to make a fat splash in the cineplexes!

It come out in Quebec theatres (English Canada later) on the 6th of April!

Montreal (English version) - AMC Forum 22

Montreal (French version) - Quartier Latin

Hull (French version) - Star Cite

Look in the newspaper or on the web to see the time it will play.

Please pass this on to any one you know and post a good message about our movie on your MySpace of FaceBook or whatever else you are using.

It will help make us very big and popular!

Thank you too much,


(November 30, 2006)
Keith Carman's East Coast 2006 Tour Diary has been posted HERE

(November 18, 2006) - So the East Coast tour with The Spades (from Holland) was a blast! We got along with those guys really well and did a whole lot of laughing, smiling and micturating (along with only a very little bit of crying!)

The Spades were having a tough time understanding our liquor laws when they first got here (no drinks in the bathroom, no drinks in the stairwell, no bringing your own drink out to the patio, no drinking on the sidewalk...) and thought we Canadians have too many rules - they're right! They were getting yelled at by bouncers constantly! And then once we got to a different province, all the liquor laws would change. Yup, welcome to Canada where we're waaay too uptight, anal, and worried about what "the man" is gonna say and do.

Anyway, it looks like we didn't completely turn off The Spades with our childish antics as they've invited us over to tour Europe next spring. Things are in the works, so once we have our flights and gigs booked, we'll let you know what's happening.


with The SPADES (from Eindhoven, Holland!!!)

(October 14, 2006, 1:07pm) The Spades made it over from Holland and we had a great kick-off show last night at Sneaky Dee's. A heartfelt thank you to all who came out and welcomed the Dutch to Canada. That was probably the best Toronto gig we've ever had.
We're hitting the road today to head off to Montreal and parts East. Looking forward to seeing each and every one you. Don't be afraid to say, "Hi!" Our bark is definitely worse than our bite.
On the road again!!!

We're stoked to be bringing to Canada the kick ass, Dutch punk rock 'n' roll quintet THE SPADES. They grace the flipside of our latest release, a clear blue vinyl split 7" record put out by RELAPSE out of Philadelphia.

The tour will take us from Toronto heading east through Quebec and the Maritimes to play the HALIFAX POP EXPLOSION in October. Check the SHOWS page for the dirt.

ORDER the new split 7" from INTERPUNK.

The 7" features two new Maximum RNR songs, "Ire Of The Ram" and "Deep Inside The Tracks."

The Spades offer up two new originals as well, "CCCP Motherfucker" and "Get Outta Line."

Our latest CD (August 2005), "Horns Up"
is available online thru INTERPUNK or CD BABY

Or ask your favourite music shoppe to order it now.
Tell 'em it's distributed in Canada by F>A>B.

Aug. 4, 2006

Louie came back to the rehearsal room just less than a month after getting surgery on his nose. Thankfully, (or maybe not...;) neither the sound of his voice nor the look of his face seem to be any different. Sincere thanks to all who sent get well cards. You know who you are.


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The "Third Time's A Harm Western Canadian Tour 2004" turned out more like a Charm. We saw a ton of great bands, met a bunch of new people, hung out with a lot of old friends, partied with a "Worst of Canadian Idol" star, avoided serious injury, and never got stopped by the cops. Click HERE to read Keith Carman's tour diary.

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